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cormatic paper hand towels Georgia Pacific Cormatic paper towel dispensers and paper towel rolls are a great choice for stocking commercial restrooms and high traffic areas with paper towels. These innovative paper towel dispensers help reduce the amount of paper towels used. Cormatic paper towel dispensers don't require a button or lever. High capacity, key-locking towel dispensing systems reduce the risk of stealing and pilfering towels. Automatic Cormatic paper towel dispensers run on four long-lasting standard D-cell batteries. Simply wave your hand in front of the dispenser for a towel to appear. Pull on the exposed towel sheet in mechanical Cormatic paper towel dispensers to release a sheet. The portion control mechanism reduces waste by 25 to 35 percent, limiting the amount of paper towel dispensed each time. Drying hands with disposable paper towels helps to reduce the risk of cross contamination in bathrooms. By eliminating buttons and levers from their dispensers, Cormatic furthers the safety of patrons, preventing the spread of germs and viruses. Promote proper hand hygiene with touchfree paper towel dispensers and provide attractive Cormatic paper towel dispensers with wholesale roll towels.